Medication management for a consumer

references latest 5 years only
no essay only answer questions
must follow marking guide
You need to choose and respond to one (1) of the two following case studies and provide a
1000 word medication management plan for the chosen individual.
Please do NOT seek out medication management plan templates from the web. The
assignment is to be presented in a question/answer format, No dot points and not as and
essay (i.e. no introduction or conclusion). Each answer must be supported with citations.
You should follow the recommended formatting for academic papers
You will need to reference according to APA referencing.
Students must provide in-text referencing and a reference list must be provided at the end of
the assignment. A minimum of six (6) academic references i.e. text books and journals and
two (2) websites are required for this assignment.
A marking guide has been made available on the unit outline to support your responses.
Please place your responses under the following questions in your management plan:
Q1. What physical health considerations should be undertaken prior to giving this
medication to the consumer?

Q2. Provide rationales for the use of this medication in this consumer.
Q3. What are the side effects / adverse effects of this medication? Indicate the
management strategies that would be used to deal with these effects?
Q4. Discuss the relationship between medication management and recovery principles
in mental health.