Management of the care of an individual with a venous leg ulcer in the community


: A care study
I will upload similar essay to help the writer out…the only difference is using a nursing model is not compulsory but using a nursing theory is……..I will also upload the assignment guide….please make sure the writer use evidence based practices and current literature and books not less than 5years old….NICE guidelines, NMC codes……This assignment is based on Nursing process APIE( Assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation….define this processing and explain why is essential we use them, critique also, discussed in depth more on the assessment, why, how and the origin….do not forget the patient should be centre of the discussion and everything should be link back to the patient… is vital to talk how the NHS work as a multi-disciplinary organisation….how this will help the patient and family….everything to be discussed should be backed with references, I trust the writer to make up the patient, but i’d like it to be a stable 75 year old male…..if the writer needs help with library access im more than happy to offer my logins details… available anytime for more information on the assignment.