LO2 Health and Safety


Effective assessment is the key to care planning that produces positive results (QCS, 2015).
A care plan is an agreement between a service user and a health professional to help the
service users manage their health day to day. It can be a written document or somethin recorded in your patient notes. Knowing that you have good understandings of care planning and risk assessment,in preparation for the admission of new residents,your organisation has given you
the responsibility to carry out suitable risk assessments which details the real risks present
within the care setting.
2.1 In this section, you should analyse
how information from risk assessments informs care
planning for individuals and organisational
decision-making. Consider identifying and
analysing key principles of care planning and risk assessment. Then draw a care plan, which
should contain information including a risk assessment , using an appropriate template (you can find a template online)
2.2You should analyse the impact or significance
of one aspect of any health and safety policy
. Link analysis to your own health and social care
work experience.
2.3You should discuss by giving relevant example(s) of how dilemma(s) encountered in
implementing health and safety policies can
be addressed. Here you give an example of a case study but you must also discuss what the dilemma in the case study is.
2.4Finally, you should analyse the effects and implications (possible consequences) of non
-compliance with health and safety legislation in the health and social care workplace. 2.1 I need 250 words, 2.2 I need 250 words, 2.3 I need 350 words and 2.4 I need 250 words. I need uk references and numbered answers. CARE PLANNING: meeting needs; ensuring safety; security; maximising wellbeing; principles of good practice.
DILEMMAS: risk-benefit analysis; risk to self and others; resource implications; differing priorities between stakeholders.
IMPLICATIONS OF NON-COMPLIANCE: financial, legal, moral, physical, health