Legal Aspects of Health Care-2


Module 2 Assignment: book- Legal and Ethical Essentials of Health Care Administration. Second Edition by George D. Pozgar
Make sure that you save a copy of the case (i.e., copy and paste into Word for future reference) and bookmark the location, as you will use this same case in your final assignment announced in Module 5.
HSC 4640 – Legal Aspects of Health Care

Liability in medicine has often been described as the practitioner’s legal responsibility to their patient. Further, practitioners are liable for their actions and can be held accountable for their actions. This responsibility to patients can vary depending on the individual practitioner and the setting in which they practice.
The following website is from the State of Florida, Department of Health, Medical Quality Assurance Office and allows the public to search through disciplinary proceedings that have been previously ruled upon.

This website has a dropdown menu for all licensed medical professionals in the state of Florida. If you live outside of the state of Florida, your state should have a system that is similar. The case that you select must come from a state licensing board.
In a paper of 600 – 800 words, select a case that has been previously ruled upon. You can select any profession that is licensed in the state ( Florida) in which you reside. In addition to your textbook, your paper must include a minimum of three sources, one of which will be the website from which you retrieved the case. Make sure that your paper includes:

1.• How is licensure related to liability?
2.• What does it mean to be a licensed health care provider?
3.• What is liability and why was the provider in this case liable for their actions – what did they do (or not do) to have this case brought against them?
4.• Did the case you selected involve criminal law or civil (tort) law?
5.• What was the resolution of this case and how could this resolution affect providers in the future?

Module2 will cover three main topics: torts, contracts, and liability. Using a short case vignette, you will analyze whether a tort occurred and if so, would it be considered intentional or unintentional (negligence). We will learn about contracts and how a contract is established in health care. In your required readings for this module, you will discover how arbitration agreements and liability may affect the care that is provided to your patients. This new knowledge will then be applied to your weekly assignment on liability and licensure.

•health-care-arbitration-agreement Liability claims and costs before and after implementation of a medical error disclosure program. Annals of Internal Medicine, 153, 213-221. Retrieved from EbscoHOST
o For this article you will need to search the library database (Journals A-Z) for the Journal Title and then the article.