Issues of Delivery Sites: Home Care

SCENARIO: Some projections for the future strongly suggest that once the cost of providing complex technology-dependent, home-based care exceeds the cost of providing the same care in an institutional setting, such home-based care will either cease or be heavily rationed. Indeed, most individuals needing technology-dependent care will be forced into institutional settings.

Q: If that projection proves accurate, what are the ethical concerns and issues raised by each alternative?

Note: Prepare an essay on the subject below using your own words. Read the scenario carefully and answer the question fully. Proofread your answer for clarity and to correct “mechanical” errors (spelling, punctuation, and grammar). If you either quote or paraphrase the textbook or other sources in preparing your answer, be sure to cite those sources appropriately in APA format. The response should be no longer than three (3) double-spaced pages.
You are to argue both sides of the issue, explicitly basing your arguments on ethical theories and/or principles.
Do not internet references or resources.



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