Healthcare proposal Plan

Paper is a research project for HCA Healthcare Administrative course in which the student has to present a proposal plan in order to develop a new healthcare facility organization. An example can be focus on my sate and city ( San Antonio,Texas) and the start on development to facilitate a “walk-in in ready clinic” such as Walgreens or CVS have many “ready and go clinics” in which patients can just walk in for a simple vaccine or be seen by a nurse for a “non medical emergency” care. The main focus of this paper is as a Healthcare Administrator how would I develop a new walk in ciliic? and where would I plan to operate this new clinic?. The report should include information about planning and organization of the new facility, hiring, cost of operation, budget plan and cash and flow sheet, and marketing (this is all I can think of for now) but should be among something like that. One idea I was thinking was to operating this new clinic in a Walmart, because I never heard of a Walmart here that had a walk in clinic so this can be an idea to start off.