Healthcare Delievery

Delivery Mode 1: Long-Term Care (last names A-H)
This space is for discussion of the long-term care mode of delivery.
Examine this mode of delivery and address the following elements in your discussion:

Describe the type of care this option provides. Consider the following: ◦Who is the target client?
◦What professionals work within that mode?
◦What does this mode offer in terms of care?
◦What are the expected outcomes?

•Discuss at least two specific issues or concerns that affect the delivery of care for each of the following categories listed below (a total of six concerns): ◦legal and regulatory

Guided Responses: Those who are assigned to Delivery Mode 1 will respond to those in Delivery Modes 2 and 3, Delivery Mode 2 will respond to those in Delivery Modes 1 and 3, and Delivery Mode 3 will respond to those in Delivery Modes 1 and 2. Review the six concerns listed in each of your classmates’ discussions. Select two concerns within each post and examine how stakeholders in their specific delivery mode might address two of them.

Required Text

Batnitzky, A., Hayes, D., & Vinall, P.E. (2014). The U.S. healthcare system: An introduction. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

◦Chapter 5: Hospitals, Clinics, Offices, and Other Points of Delivery
◦Chapter 6: Long-Term and Mental Healthcare
◦Chapter 7: Integrative Care