Health Professional Exploration Assignment

The job summary tool is a worksheet for you to use when you complete the interview, it is not part of the final paper but must be completed and turned in.
Inter-professional education: Health Professional Exploration Assignment 25%

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is Identify one’s own role on the healthcare team and how it is complementary to other health professionals in the delivery of patient care. Demonstrate knowledge of their role and the roles of other health care professionals.
Part One:

You will choose one key inter-professional team member with which you will interview (i.e. physical therapist, respiratory therapist, Physician Assistant, dietician , Nurse Practitioner, CNS, social worker, case manager, etc.) Consider individuals in the organization, both within the designated clinical setting (the microsystem) and external to it (the macrosystem) .Please chose someone who is not a nurse (exception is the case manager , CNS or ARNP)

Part Two: Interview with inter-professional team member

For the interview with an inter-professional team member:
• Please use the list of questions on the document titled Job interview tool and add other questions you feel are important
• Schedule your interview for no more than 30 minutes.
• Please on time and professionally dressed.
• Have your elevator speech ready as this will be the time to promote your role.
• If the time runs out before you ask all your questions, do not delay the interviewee.
• Please type the questions and the answers from your interview and post on the discussion board (Please provide answers)
• Include one missed opportunity of a question you wish you asked but did not.
• Enjoy learning from your inter-professional team member

Report Requirements
• Provide a brief introduction to your paper.
• Prepare a three page summary of your findings on the following topics:
1. Insights gained about the role of the interviewee’s discipline
2. How does this vary from previous idea of the role?
3. Incorporate personal observations of role functions of the person you are interviewing .
1. Insights gained about knowledge needed to practice the interviewee’s role
2. What knowledge is similar to your discipline?
3. What knowledge is different from your discipline?
1. Insights gained about the skills needed to practice the interviewee’s role.
2. What skills are similar to your discipline?
3. What skills are different from your discipline?

• Develop a summary table showing differences and similarities between the two disciplines.
• Provide a one to two page reflection on what you gained from doing this assignment. Ensure you also focus on the change in your understanding about the roles, knowledge, skills and inter-professional collaboration from before and following the interview.

Suggested Resources:
(Students are encouraged to seek and incorporate additional recently published sources in this report)
1. Write 3 page summary
2. Complete the job interview tool document – Complete the table and one page reflective summary separate from the paper.
3. I am a MSN in leadership student (Health Systems Leadership Track not Clinical Nurse Leader) working at the Veterans Affairs VA (Outpatient Surgery)

(3 page summary, complete table and one page reflective summary (Separate from the paper) = 5 pages)