Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Native Americans–Theory of Planned Behavior


So the overall paper’s health topic is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and our Health Behavior is consuming alcohol while pregnant. Our target population is Native American indian women aged 18-35 (but the age group doesnt really matter i guess) so the research you do will focus on that topic.

I will send the actual prompt/instructions so you have a better idea of what i need. You arent really going to do a whole research paper on the topic, you are only going to do one part of the paper. The part you will do is a “theory suggestion” (under that section in the prompt). The intrapersonal level theory you will do the paper on is THEORY OF PLANNED BEHAVIOR.

Just like the instructions say, you will need to provide an overview of the theory, explain each construct/concept/variable and apply it to the health behavior (alcohol consumption while pregnant) and health topic (fetal alcohol syndrome), say why the theory is applicable to the health issue, population, and behavior, explain why this theory is a good one to use to address the problem and to improve behavior among the population, explain if the theory has been used before for addressing this public health issue, explain how the theory is measured and also explain the strengths and weaknesses of the theory in regards to the health topic, behavior and population.

I will give some info on the theory of planned behavior so it can help you undertand it better. here is a link of a brief summary of what the theory is. https://sphweb.bumc.bu.edu/otlt/MPH-Modules/SB/SB721-Models/SB721-Models3.html

for the attachment i’m going to send titled “theory at a glance” you can look on pages 16-18 and in the powerpoint i’m going to send you can just look browse it.

oh and for the sources/references, please use peer reviewed scientific sources for at least 3. thanks!

thanks in advance!! i am on a time crunch so please do not ask for a time extension as i need to give this part to my group before 2 am. The last time i used your company’s services my paper did not get turned in on time and i recieved a zero. Good luck and again thank you so much!!