Factors Influencing Implementation Of Electronic Health Records In Saudi Military Hospitals A Case Study in King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in North-Western Region in Tabuk, KSA


1) I would like from you to do it the Chapter Literature Review and Chapter Methodology. I upload the Chapter one that will guide you what will you do in chapter Literature Review and Chapter Methodology. In Chapter one you will find all Structure about my dissertation from the topic, objective, Problem Statement and Questions, Significance of the Study, Nature of the Study, Study population and sample, Study Model and Hypotheses, Study Scope, Terminologies of the Study and Research Structure. In the end of each Chapter I would like from you to but Conclusion for each chapter.

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3) In Chapter One just I want from you to modify and add information to the Introduction and Significance of the Study.

4) I would like also to design and write a questionnaire. The questionnaire should be related to the model and the Hypotheses and the implementation of HER in the hospital.

Finally I would like from you to write Abstract to the dissertation
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