Discussion Spark.
Topic 1: Society often tends to attach a stigma to mental illness. Sometimes families try to hide such issues, or people don’t feel they can come forward about mental illness in the workplace for fear of losing their jobs or being treated differently. Considering any one of the articles on mental health. Write a short, persuasive paragraph agreeing or disagreeing with the article.
Topic 2 (American Education): Among many problems facing America’s educational system, what do you consider to be the most pressing problems, and how should they be addressed? Consider any one of the articles. Write a short, persuasive paragraph addressing one of the major problems identified.
Topic 3: What do the censorship and lack of privacy at the center of 1984 have to do with the topic of your Final Project and with current events?
Topic 4: How have your reading and writing skills grown or improved during this course? What skills, learned in this course, will you take with you into future classes and into the workplace? (Note: No outside reading or research is required to participate in this topic)