Discuss the role of the community health nurse in planning evidence based health education relevant to one knowledge deficit identified within Anne Giovanni’s case study in an effort to improve her health outcomes.


kailing joy is a 26 year old Italian catholic primary school teacher who reside with her grandmother. Joy’s mother is heavily involved in their Roman Catholic Church in East Brunswick and considers faith to be an important part of family life and values.Joy has had a boyfriend for two years who she sees weekly but otherwise spends most of her time with her girlfriends from church.
Joy has been referred to you by her GP for education after she had attended an appointment in tears, confused by the news that her best friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer, requiring a double mastectomy. Joy was under the impression that “only old women” can be diagnosed with breast cancer and is now afraid for her own health. Since hearing the news of her friend, Anne has heard all sorts of rumours about breast cancer. Anne has heard that because she has been wearing an underwire bra since a young age she is more likely to get breast cancer and her grandmother has said that because she hasnt had children yet she will probably get breast cancer when she is older.

*The purpose of this assessment it to demonstrate knowledge of health education by the community nurse and its role within the health promotion with peer reviewed articles 2008-2015.
* Identify relevant literature and other sources to explain health education and promotion to individual, families and carers as an essential role of the community health nurse.
*Suggest methods for increasing Annes health literacy, care plan for her knowledge deficit (how will you assess if she is ready to learn, how will you teach her, i.e cognitive age, environment & factors to inhibit her learning).
*Evidence to support health literacy leads to enhanced health outcomes.
*Highlight at least one area of health knowledge where Anne may have a deficit.
*Evidence based education and interventions that addresses the importance of cultural awareness in relation to Joy’s case study (herself and significant others).
*Each paragraph should commence with a topic sentence and end with a link to the next paragraph.