Building organisational capacity in healthcare

Identify a specific area ( eg. emergency unit) that requires performance improvement such as Hospital waiting time improvement & Teamwork improvement.
(-Choose a type of change /performance improvement examine or plan a change (performance improvement).
-Describe the type of clinical setting.
-Don’t make it too big, just one small area and one small change.)

-Define, analyse and critically discuss: the relevant organisational strategic goals/objectives
-write the essay based on the steps required to implement a process for improving an aspect of performance ( Kotter’s eight steps process )
-the approach best suited to improving performance in this instance
-the type of performance indicators or measures selected
-strategies for motivating and engaging the stakeholders in ongoing performance improvement the role of the leader in this process
-Adequately and appropriately use at least (20) recently (starts from 2010), peer reviewed, academic, research /evidence-based journal articles
-see and learn the essay examples (do not copy from these essays) and essay writing guide provided at the learning guides