behavioral health science

you should write between 700 and 750 words for each question.

2- your answers must be based on the articles and lectures.

5- use simple parenthetical citations in your essay. Do not use long quotations. Quotations over the equivalent of two lines will result in a reduced grade.

6- you must have a clear thesis statement that responds to the prompt and answers the question. Your argument must be logical, clear, coherent and evidence-based. You must use detailed, concrete, and specific examples from the articles and lectures for your evidence. You must list the articles and lectures used as evidence at the end of each question, for example: Talley lecture, Social Ecological Framework or Kreuter et al., “The impact of implementing selected CBPR strategies to address disparities in Atlanta.” This will not be part of the word count for the essay.


The social ecological framework was presented in class as providing many possible avenues for research and program implementation. Using the required readings and lectures, write about the pros and cons of a social ecological framework for understanding health behaviors and designing health promotion programs. Your analysis should lead to a conclusion about the framework.