Analysis Paper on Barriers to Breastfeeding in the Media

: Analysis Paper on Barriers to Breastfeeding in the Media
Select a message, event, item, etc. about a product that supports the continuation of a bottle-feeding culture. Do not use formula ads or their products.
1. What is the message or item you have selected? Include the picture or URL of the Web site.
2. Who is the intended audience? How often is the message or item seen by the community?
3. Is this item intended to influence infant feeding choices or is it unrelated?
4. How is a bottle-feeding culture being supported by this message or item? You may want to conduct your own mini-focus group. Does this message say anything to the consumer about breastfeeding?
5. Who is responsible for this message? What interest, if any, do they have in babies/feeding choices?
6. What is an estimate of the dollars involved in this message?
7. Write a letter to the responsible agency, company, or person explaining the current recommended standards for healthy mothers and babies. Discuss what message they are currently sending. Suggest elimination of this item or alternative messages they could include. Do not state in your letter that you are a student completing an assignment. Your message will have more impact if it comes from a consumer.
8. Include appropriate references to support your discussion and letter.
9. Limit the content of the paper to 3–5 pages (not including title page or reference page).
10. Include at least two appropriate references to support your discussion.
11. Papers must be typed and written in a consistent APA format. Grading will be on creativity, grammar, clarity, conciseness, and APA style format. Refer to the Paper Evaluation Rubric for grading criteria.
12. Submit your paper using the Submission link.
As an example, see this picture of a quilting pattern I found. Not only is a bottle unnecessary in a quilting pattern, but it is ridiculous to imagine a hippopotamus using a bottle. This pattern could be just as adorable without the bottle. It continues to support that bottle-feeding is the dominant way, overtaking all mammals!