Implementation of Change



This is a group report of 5000 words. My part is to address Planning and Governance, 1100 words, which is already completed in order No 76968303 by you. This will then amalgamate with the rest of the group’s writings. Appreciate if you continue to address the whole report. This is a group assignment to identify a potential change to be implemented at work. I’m working at and Age Care Facility and we have problems with ongoing lateness of staffs, unrelaible time sheet and so forth. You can add as many reasons necessary for the change as we need to identify both the driving and resistance force for the change. The owner has introduced a Bundy system (thumb scan) to replace the manual time sheet. Appreciate if you can please address the enclosed writing. This is a group report and you have addressed my part:-i) Planning (the objectives to be achieved by the change and the means to achieve it) and ii) Governance (the appropriate structures, roles, and responsibilities for the change that engage stakeholders and support the change effort) As explained, I’m working in an Aged Care Facility in Sydney, Australia and you can create your writings accordingly to suit the situations exist here in Australia The change to be implemented is USING OF BUNDY SYSTEM and no longer the manual timesheet. Your expertise is needed here to bring all relevant materials fitted for this report. Please refer and comply with the assignment instruction and assessment criteria . I appreciate if you can write with flow and clarity using English language of high calibre, free of grammartic error, correct sentence and paragarpah structure. I have uploaded the essay structure and the way how our lecture want the report to be, the first part of your writing addressing my part, pieces of writing by two members addressing i)Theoretical Framework and Leadership ii) Stakeholders and Workforce. Leaving the Evaluation Part to be addressed. I noticed that our lecturer is very interested in definition of each topic, like evaluation, governance, planning and so forth to be part of the writing.


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