Design a 12 week strength and training programme

12 exercise programs
Paper instructions:
Requirements for the Written Report:
Students completing PHED 1111 (Physical Education 1) are being asked to design a 12 week strength and training programme that they would use themselves for the Major Assignment. As students in PHED 1112 (Physical Education 2) have more experience in physical education, you are being asked to create a 12 week strength and training programme for a hypothetic person. The person you have to create the programme for is your “hypothetical” 20-year old sister. She has been training cardiovascularly for her sport since she turned 16, but she has done no strength training or flexibility training. She has just been selected for her state/province and has aspirations of making it to the national team. She has no medical issues, uses no medications, has an appropriate body composition (not too fat or too under fat), and has sufficient motivation to add a sensibly constructed strength and training programme to her cardiovascular training programme. You can choose what sport she participates in.
A sport has to be chosen and the exercises tailored for that sport.
For example: swimming >>focus on shoulders .
cycling >>focus on quadriceps
Additional materials: not defined