Assignment Ethics

Subject Ethics
Paper instructions:
For Introduction and Conclusion the wording is about 100, but i may exceeding that, as long not too long, and able to wrap the Introduction and conclusion based on the body part.
The rest of the word for body part. But remember, this essay is for Ethics issues not Medical issues in healthcare. Total pages: 9 . I will do the outline and sent you, meanwhile, do quote me a price first.
Important thing writer must take note. All paragraph must references accordingly, and only refer to Singapore Ethics cases and Policy.
Due to the deadline issues, i expected when your return me the assignment, it should be properly references, meet the essay requirements-and just talk about the ETHICS ISSUES in Organ transplantation, NOT MEDICAL ISSUES, because i can’t expected the revise.
Style as usual , Level -MasterNumber of references required to give you precise quote- At least 8-9. as long it cover all the discussion on the essay.
Please refer to below Outlines for essay (Only discuss about ETHICS NOT
Medical aspects of transplantation
Issues in
“Organ Transplantation”
Introduction – clinical ethical issues
in Organ Transplantation –about 100words
Types of organ transplant (Explain in
summary only)
Processes of organ transplantation
(Explain in summary only-not too long)
ETHICAL ISSUES – main body
Ethical Issues : Shortage/Availability
of organ –
The distribution of available Organ (Ethics
Current Organ distribution policy in
Singapore (Ethics issues)
Ethical Issues: Organ Donor –
Deceased (Ethics issues)
Living person (Ethics issues)
Alternative (Ethics issues
Efforts to increase the organ donation- (Ethics Issues)
Education (Ethics issues)
Presumed Consent (Ethics issues)
Prisoners (Ethics issues)
Incentive (Ethics issues)
Ethical Issues on the impacts of Organ transplantation –
On legal (Ethics issues)
On social & religions(Ethics issues)
Public (Ethics issues)
Conclusion- about 100words-
Note: A
writer should work based on the above OUTLINES addressing only the Ethics Issues not
on aspect of Medical in Organ
Transplantation. Referring to Only Singapore Ethics cases and Policy
Requirements and instructions
To prepared a thorough
briefing paper cover below requirements:Ø A statement of What the issue is,
How it has risen, and Why
it is thought to be ethically significant (from different stakeholder perspectives)
Ø An Overview/Clear sketch of the major arguments currently employed in debate on the matter at hand
Ø The writer detailed Evaluation of the weight of each of these
arguments and an indication of which the writer consider Most Persuasive and Why?
Ø Writer statement of how the appropriate policy on the ethical issue
should read ( a brief policy statement will suffice)
Ø Writer judgement about the
Impact of the policy on the Patient/Client
Population and How the writer predict it will be received by the Media and the Public.