Sustainable Development and Africa’s Wildlife Reserves

According to the World Bank almost half of the world’s six billion inhabitants live on the equivalent of less than US$2 a day, and about one-sixth live on the equivalent of less than US$1 a day. As countries seek to develop economically, there are many pressures to focus on economic results first and to worry about the environmental consequences later. Sustainable development projects focus on helping all people, both rich and poor, to maintain an adequate standard of living, while using resources in a way that will not diminish their capacity to support future generations. Sometimes the standard of living is decreased to minimize excessive consumption of a limited resource, such as water.

Read chapter 15 in the Miller text. Using wildlife reserves in Africa as a case study, determine the challenges in creating and sustaining the reserves, including how globalization affects the process. What are the issues at stake? How can indigenous populations be maintained?




Please use the following book for examples and references:

1.Cultural Anthropology/Myanthro Lab 4Th Cdn Package By: Babara miller

2.Conformity and Conflict by: James spradley and David W. McCurdy




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