observational Analysis

I would like you to write this on season one, the first episode of Lost.

You also have to incorporate 10 vocabulary words

These are the given instructions

COM100: Observational Analysis Select a movie or television show (reality shows are allowed) and write a four page observational analysis of the interpersonal, impersonal and / or intrapersonal communication interactions that you observe between the various characters. As the basis of your analysis you are required to incorporate any 20 key terms found in chapters 4, 8, 9 & 10 of your textbook. Your introduction should include a brief synopsis of the plot (one paragraph maximum), and the remaining 3 ¾ pages should focus on the communication interactions of the characters that you observe. Keep in mind that this paper is an observational analysis of human communication that is akin to a “people watching” exercise as opposed to a movie critique (I’m interested in your ability to analyze communication interaction as opposed to describing plot, evaluating entertainment value, evaluating acting ability, etc.).

You may choose to analyze just one scene or several scenes depending on how much detail you are able to extract, however, be sure to make it clear to me as the reader if and when a scene shift occurs. In addition to meeting the term requirement, your paper will be graded according to the depth of your analysis (i.e. descriptive detail that you are able to provide in support of your claims / observations).

Weak Example: “John used proxemics and haptics to express his frustration, which made his girlfriend Michaela upset.” Such a statement does not demonstrate that you understand what these terms mean.

Strong Example: “Without ever saying a word, John used proxemic communication to express his frustration by briskly walking out of the room as his girlfriend Michaela walked in. In addition, as he exited the room he employed haptic communication by slamming the door behind him which indicated that he was not only frustrated but extremely angry. It was obvious that he made his point because Michaela became visibly upset and began to cry hysterically.”

Building on he above scene you could add even more depth to your analysis by applying additional key concepts such as but not limited to descriptions of paralanguage, self-esteem, attachment styles, problem solving strategies, relationship deterioration, relational dialectics, self-serving bias, empathy, etc., in order to expand the breadth and depth of your observations made of this interaction.

Keep in mind that redundancy does not increase either the depth of your analysis and therefore once you have demonstrated your understanding of a particular term / concept it serves no additional purpose to continuously provide examples for that particular term.

Paper Requirements:

Four pages (one full page = 22 lines of writing). Loss of one full letter grade for each page under four.

1.25 inch margins, 12 point professional font (Times New Roman, Palatino, New York, etc.), double spaced with a cover / title page and all key terms must be bolded.

Your title page does not count toward the four page requirement. Manipulation of these requirements such as enlarging or your margins, spacing or font size will result in a minimum grade deduction of one full letter grade per infraction (10 points).

Papers that are not stapled will automatically be penalized one full letter grade.

Since effective writing goes hand in hand with being an effective communicator your paper will not only be graded according to content but whether or not you incorporate a clear introduction, body and conclusion, structure your paragraphs and sentences properly and spell correctly, therefore, make sure that in addition to using spell-check that you proofread your paper before turning it in.

Due Date: See syllabus. Email attachments will not be accepted nor will papers slid under my office door. In addition, the Communication Studies office does not accept papers from students. Late papers will result in the loss of one full letter grade per class day (if you are absent from class on the due date, you must provide me with documentation as outlined in your syllabus in order avoid being penalized).