Major Report & Video Summary

2. Produce a report that addresses the issues presented in the case in relation to marketing
a. Provide a concise overview of the current market situation.
b. Provide a statement of the main problem, with explanation, and offer an analysis of
macro and micro level issues that are relevant.
c. Identify and justify all critical factors, explaining which are most important.
d. Offer a set of recommendations for addressing the problem, giving your rationale with
justification, and considering the critical factors identified. Include a discussion of
possible advantages/disadvantages of your recommended solution. Ensure your answer
coherently addresses the problem and is not just a list of independent suggestions.
e. You will need to consult the popular and business press in researching your case. You
should also review the academic peer‐reviewed literature, particularly when developing
your recommendations. These literatures must be cited in your work and appropriately
referenced using APA referencing. Check QUT Cite|
3. Produce a short video which succinctly summarises the key elements of your report. The
video should coherently convey any necessary information about the current situation, main
problem, and critical factors, which leads to your recommendation. Your recommendation
should also be outlined and discussed. There is no expectation that videos will be of
commercial quality (i.e., recording of an in‐class type presentation is fine). It is expected that
videos will demonstrate students’ ability to succinctly communicate ideas in a professional
4. Submit by the due date/time.