Hollywood, industry and imaginary

I will have to work with the writer on another level for this proposal as the same writer will need to help write the actual dissertation in a few months too, and that is why the writer will need to help me pick the essay title and see what the writer prefers. Its a complicated order i am aware of this, that is why i will need the writer to contact me whenever theres any confusion so that the work doesn’t get effected.
I will attach additional files of what the topics are and from those the writer can choose the dissertation title and then proceed with writing the proposal for this order. (we don’t have to worry about the actual 7000 words dissertation until a few months later.) I think all the work goes in reading the file i will attach as the writer will need to access so many different kinds of readings but of course the writer could just skim through it and not read every single session and choose the topic of interest then create a dissertation title and send me and message back updating me on what you’ve chosen so i could run it by my teacher and see if its okay or if something needs to be changed or added before the writer proceeds with the order. As i said the process of choosing a topic and a title is the hard part as the proposal is of 1000 words only. If the writer prefers more than one idea or topic title that is fine too, just let me know before you start so i choose. Also, i would prefer for the writer to make a decision with choosing within the next 7 days so i have time to run it by my teacher, but the writer could have up until January 1st to finish the proposal. (no later than january 1st though)

There will be 2 files attached. 1 file which is the biggest one has all the sessions and the topics and readings. (This is the file that the writer will need to read to decide) and the second file has all the instructions that the writer will need in order to achieve the best proposal.

NOTE: i need the writer to choose a topic and reply to me with the idea they chose with the title and i would want to know about the case studies that they want to use, and how would the writer investigate this phenomenon and what material would you use? so i could check if it is good or not. within 7 days maximum please. and i said the proposal itself could be extended until the 1st of january so the writer shouldn’t worry about the 10 days deadline.