THBT the ethical behavior of leaders in their personal lives have no bearing on their ethical behavior as business leaders

The individual summative report will be 3000 words in length not including references and appendices.

The final report will include the above project management tools as appendices as well as the following substantive content:

1. One executive summary of the report (250 words)
2. A summary of each individual’s content contribution to preparing for the project presentation. (250 words)
3. Qualitative assessments of each individual’s contribution (250 words)
4. A well-researched report demonstrating the group’s approach to understanding, developing, evaluating, arguing, and rebutting the project issues, including a statement of final position of the group on the issue reached by consensus. (2250 words)

it is final report but i search in type of paper there is no report i choose essay

i have group work with others student when i finish the notes for writing the appendices i will send it to the write to now about it an write it