Fraud Management: Risk and Compliance


This is a two part assignment. This is a second order for part 2 of the assignment. The first order was for Power Point Part 1 and this is a Second order for Word Document Research Paper Part 2. It has to be a completed investigative plan should be between 7 – 10 pages, not counting title page, table of contents page (not required), or the reference page in a Word document. Report is to be in APA Style. Remember this is a detailed investigative plan that could be handed to anyone in your department and they could accomplish the task. Both Part One and Part two instructions are attached in both orders for clarity. Also, an excel file will be attached with companies FCPA investigated in 2015. The main reason for this file is to look for the companies that are not allowed to be used in the paper. Both Parts are about the same company. My country for the assignment reason is Poland. It has to be FCPA investigation.