Search the web critique

Key Assignment: Citizenship LLO 1.4 (Pending) and Ethical Practice 5.2 Search the Web Critique

Organizational leaders need to know how to find and interpret information from a variety of resources. The internet is a useful source of information, but it also requires analytical and evaluation skills to assess the validity and appropriateness of information as an engaged member of the community. In order to practice these analytical and evaluation skills, participants will research and evaluate sites that reflect your experience in a community (a website related to ethics within their professional field: medical, business, social service, science, etc.). Your critique must include the identification and description of ethical issues found in the website. The grading rubric identifies the outcomes for this assignment. You must demonstrate an understanding of your ethical beliefs and the ethical beliefs of others; the ability to identify ethical conflicts; and the ability to make ethical decisions.
The final critique (4-5 pages) you submit should include information from the Web Discussion including how your collaborative interaction influences your thinking. Include a citation of the site according to APA format for electronic references, a description of the contents of the site, suggested uses for the information on the site, evaluation of the quality, verifiability, currency and usefulness of the site — identifying who might find it useful and ease of use. Your critique must include how this site contributes to your community identity, the possibility for collaborative activity and how your historical and global literacy provides context and meaning to evaluate the information.