Training and development

Give clear, sufficient points about what the author’s point(s) are and how it
relates to T&D and course objectives

Course Objectives:
1. Identify the major components, networks, and competencies in the
field of training and development (T&D)
2. Articulate the role T&D has in the human resource management (HRM)
system, identifying the relationship it has to other HRM functions and
business strategies
3. Evaluate the impact environmental, organizational, and HRM system
changes (i.e., labor pool diversity, technological advancements,
global expansion, or changes in staffing policies) may have on T&D
4. Assess the curriculum for strategic effectiveness and operational efficiency
5. Plan a training program, including content, operational delivery,
and financial analyses
6. Demonstrate skills for at least one phase of a training program,
such as need assessment, instructional design, or delivery
Evaluate attached Article on Training and Development  Use Bloom’s
taxonomy Evaluation questions to evaluate the article and then also
explain how this article relates to which the course learning
objective(s); how it impacts the field of Training and Development and
why you selected it; and if you agree with the author’s position(s);
why or why not.

The written evaluation (double spaced typed in Word
about 5 pages)






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