Challenges to parenting among mothers with mental illness

This assignment is not part of a dissertation. It’s only about writing a literature review.

Requirement for the literature review:
1.Establishing the importance of this research topic to the field
2.Conducting a search for relevant literature (including journal articles, books, book chapters and internet resources) published on this topic within the past 5 – 10 years (or earlier if they are seminal works)
3. Critically analyzing the literature and writing a review which synthesizes the major themes in the literature
4. Identifying areas of controversy and gaps in literature and formulating questions that need further research
5. Incorporate possible interventions as this will help ensure the review has a practical application.

Focus on at least 15 primary sources of literature and ensure the review is written in a clear and scholarly manner, including spelling, grammar, structure, tone, and accurate referencing (in accordance with APA guidelines).

Structure of the review:
1. A brief discussion about your topic, a rationale for its choice and how the selected literature is relevant to it (so for example, you may provide a rationale for including or excluding overseas literature; or you might give a rationale for narrowing your topic to a particular intervention, such as group work or counseling).
2. Scope and method of literature search
3. Results of your review of the literature — a summary of what is and is not known ie. Identification of the themes in the literature
4. Areas of controversy or debate in the literature
5. Areas that are not addressed in the literature and therefore need further research

Criteria for assessment
1. Demonstrated ability to define and provide a rationale for a relevant topic (7 marks)
2. Location of a range of relevant literature (7 marks)
3. Capacity for critical review and analysis of the literature (7 marks)

4. Identification of the relevance of the selected literature to practice in health and human services (7 marks)
5. Academic standards of writing and referencing (7 marks)





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