the paper is a summary of both saudi and united state on testimony

I wrote a summary of Saudi testimony law, so I asked you to add 13 pages on my paper, 6 OR 7 of the 13 pages I need you to write a summary of testimony in the United state of America. The 6 or 7 pages has to be on the same Section that I wrote in.
1 page I need you to add in the introduction that I wrote(you are can take any part from my introduction out if you see so). The last five pages or the conclusion I want you to write a comment in both law, and you could use the one I highlight and take it out if you see so. in addition, I want you to write an example or a case in both Saudi law and the USA. Also, I will attach a sample of the way the professor like the paper to look like. finally you should use 13 sources or more.

and you could ask my anything any time if my description was not clear.