Final Paper


This is a final paper for American dilemmas is a 7 page long and with a 16 sources. Please follow the order and use an academic peer-reviewed article that is mostly an online source with MLA citation style it can found in google scholar. I attached to you what I did start doing, but I need your help following the academic order since I am an international student, please use simple vocabulary.

Page 1:
a clearly-identified social policy with a proper name?
Is it the subject of some outspoken controversy, pro, and con? What is the brief (one page) history or background to this controversy?
In this part use two articles as a source.

Page 2-3:
List significant organizations that are advocating for the policy? And
quote some of their arguments with works cited? List significant organizations that are advocating against the policy?
Have two sides:
_A( Pro) one page
Who are they? What is the argument they claim on the policy support that with three sources and quote.

_B(Con) one page
Who are they? What is the argument they claim on the policy support that with three sources and quote.

Note: some of the sources above could share both Con or Pro

Page 4:
name a social problem keyword or search term that is significantly relevant to this policy debate?
Quote, what the pro side says about this social problem keyword? In other words, find how the pro side relates the policy change to the effects it will have on some clearly identified social problem? Also, quote the con side, etc., as above?

Page 5:
Cite five database articles that present significant research into the social problem keyword?
Summary the result for each data, but it is not an annotated bibliography. Just summary what the data say about the social problem and quote.

Page 6:
cite three database research articles or substantial policy studies that explicitly assess the impacts of the policy change with respect to that social problem keyword?
How they study the solution. How the policy impact the solution for the social problem.

Page 7:
The title of the paper will present the policy question
Evaluate which side has the stronger argument regarding the effect of the policy as likely to improve a social condition or social problem, explaining why they have the stronger case in light of the existing professional research. This is perhaps best approached as “analysis” rather than “personal opinion”; it is certainly not the place to reference “passionate feelings” about an issue.
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