Reflective Introductory Essay

This is the final essay from my English writing class. Its purpose is to show what have I learnt from the process of composing and revising the two research projects, Historical Conversation Project and Advocacy Project. Our instructor want us to do it in a rhetoric perspective, which means you have to persuade the reader that you learnt something from it. I will include the detailed prompt of this assignment, as well as the prompts of those two assignments, and the first , second, final drafts of both projects in attached files.

In the prompt of this reflective introduction, you will find there are four discrete sections under “B. Reflective Introduction.” But since you did not write those essays and you are very unlikely to know the composing process, I want you to do only the last 3, so “2. Rhetoric, Argumentation, & Multi-modal Communication;” “3. Revision” and “4. Transfer.” But if you feel like you have something to say about how do you start composing a research paper, you can add those to the first section “1. Your Composing Process.”

Since you have my drafts, you can read and compare them to say what have been changed and how those changes make a difference, and what have you learnt through the revision. Also, I will upload screen shots of some comments my instructor gave on my paper. You can integrate some your own experience and what you have learnt during you writing career into this essay. But please keep it reasonable, and don’t go too far. For example, you can’t say what have you learnt when drafting another essay in sociology class. All the examples have to be from the drafts I uploaded to you. Remember, this essay is to persuade your reader what you learnt from the two projects, and how can you apply the knowledge you learnt to other classes. Please try to pretend you were me, a biology major undergraduate, and the person who wrote the two projects were you.

It is very helpful if you can insert some screen shots of the sections in my paper you used as examples. And I will also upload three sample reflective introductions that my instructor gave me as references. Those samples are more or less the final piece I am expected to submit.