Recount the individual’s experiences/encounters with HR.



Complete the HR experiences paper. This paper should recount the individual’s experiences/encounters with HR. The experiences listed should have involved the writer directly either as an employee or as a manager. In addition, the paper should list those functions that HR performs in the learner’s organization. Finally, the paper should include an overall assessment of HR’s effectiveness from the user/writer’s perspective.

COMPANY: Bank of New York Mellon and position title is Global Income and Tax Specialist).
The following are some of ideas which stem from in-class discussions and readings. This paper is about personal experience and opinions, “adopt” the opinions and experiences that is ultimately writen about.Use APA format and cite when needed. Because this is an experience/opinion paper, there is no minimum number of sources required, but obviously source will be used for any company background information and HR facts/functions. So please cite when appropriate and include a reference page. At the bottom of the page.The paper needs to be 4-5 FULL pages.

• Include a brief company description, including total number of employees both domestically and internationally.
In my opinion, these are some negative points about BNY Mellon’s HR Department:
• discusse in class about HR representatives and MY input was that we do not have an HR rep on site. We do have an HR office, but this is limited to emergency issues is a negative aspect.
•in the opinion, HR does not assist employees when they areapplying for internal jobs. HR just forwards the resume to the hiring managers with no further support.
In my opinion, these are some positive points about BNY Mellon’s HR Department:
• BNY Mellon stresses the importance of EEO (equal employment opportunity).
• The company does not discriminate against minorities, gays, lesbians, religion, etc.
• The company is great with “reasonable accommodations.” “An attempt by employers to adjust, without undue hardship, the working conditions or schedules of employees with disabilities or religious preferences.”This is part of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

• The company enforces Sexual Harassment with written remainders at least twice a year.