International Trade and Finance

International Trade and Finance – Coursework

Despite the recent global economic downturn, it has been reported that the Chinese economy has been growing at a relatively high rate compared to the US and the EU economies. Discuss the current performance of the Chinese economy and give specific answers to the following questions:

• What are the estimates of China’s current rate of economic growth?
• What are the main elements that have enabled China to achieve this relatively high growth?
• What changes in China’s economic policies that the Western countries would like to see?
• What are the main challenges (domestic and international) confronting the Chinese economy?
• Do you believe that China can overcome these challenges and thus be able to sustain its current economic growth?
The paper should be about 3 pages but no more than 4 max single space.

Use newspaper & periodical articles for consultation and provide Citations. (i.e. Wall Street Journal)

Avoid Plagiarism (presentation of ideas and expressions of others as if they were your own) in a paper. Whenever using ideas or expressions borrowed from some source, whether quoting directly or paraphrasing, acknowledge the source with an appropriate footnote or end note