reading response


It is paid much attention to his own views. You might copy the idea from the summary part. Please more focus on the summary. And please give a particular examples from films or TV programs in the second part.
At least half to two-thirds of your paper should be devoted to a brief summary of the article or chapter you have chosen: you will need to be as concise as possible, covering only the main themes or arguments of the reading and identifying any key terms used by the author; cite page numbers where appropriate. The final third (or so) of your paper should be used to critically assess the value of the reading with regards to its contribution to your understanding of cinema technology. You may refer to an example of a scene from a film, television program or video game if it helps you to make a particular point with regards to the article or your critique; however, space is limited so these should be kept at a minimum (one or two at most) and any description of the scene should be as brief as possible.
Length of the responses: approx. 500–600 words each