number chinking

I conducted an experiment that dealt with a principle related to memory. The experiment had two different groups. We selected 6 particpants randomly and also randomly placed them in either group 1 or 2. Group 1: non-chunking vs. group 2: number chunking, with a total number of 6 participants, 3 per group.
In group 1, I read the numbers “703189751236” in a continuous monotone fashion out loud to the participant, then the participant repeated as many number as they could remember back to me. I repeated this process with 3 participants. In group 2, I read the same numbers, but instead I read them in groups of three with slight pauses in between each section, I read them out loud to the participants like this “703 189 751 236” and again they repeated as many numbers as they remember back to me. Group 2 also had 3 participants. The point of this experiment was to prove that group 1, the number chunking group, would recall more numbers than the non-chunking group. The independent variable is: chunked numbers vs. non-chunked numbers. The dependent variable is how many numbers were recalled.

In the results section you must put a bar graph with the mean and standard deviation from your results data sheet.

Only reference should be the text book: Psychological sciences 5th edition, 2016, by Gazzangia, Heatherton, and Halpern.