Rationale Essay ( Developing a Play Curriculum )

Topic: Rationale Essay ( Developing a Play Curriculum )

Students are required, with a small group of peers, to plan a play activity for a small inclusive group of young children (3-8 years of age)
in an early years or school setting. The precise composition of the group is up to each student or group, but should include children of
different ages and stages of development, culture, gender and needs. The activity plan should indicate clear learning intentions for the
children, with links to current curricular frameworks, resources needed, the role of the supporting adults and how the activity is to be
differentiated for children at different stages of development, culture, special needs and gender. It should be a fully inclusive play
activity plan.

Your group will present your PAP to your peers and tutor in your tutorial time. Your group is expected to present for approximately 5
minutes. Each person in your group will present for one to two minutes a section of the PAP. Your group presentation will need to use a tool
such as Powerpoint or Prezi to ensure your PAP is clearly understood by the audience. Your group is also expected to set the activity up as
you would for the group of children you are planning for so that the audience gains an understanding of the planned activity.

In this course we offer you a formative feedback opportunity because the presentation will support you in the content for your essay and will
give you an opportunity to get feedback outside of graded assessment. This means you will have the chance of experimenting, taking risks and
learning without the fear of being graded. It is a chance for you to learn and get feedback for your assignment. After the presentation of
the PAP you will have time to act on the feedback and make any changes necessary. The PAP can then be submitted as an appendix to your essay
and it is worth 25% of the grade for the essay. When you upload your PAP with your essay there is no word count but it must be no more than
two A4 pages with 11 point font.
Part 2. Play Activity Rationale (2,000 word essay format) – SUMMATIVE TASK

The purpose of this essay is to analyse, rationalise and justify your activity plan with reference to the broad spectrum of readings studied
within the course to date and your own reading. You will, in essence, be justifying/providing reasons for your plans and strategies used
through academic debate. (e.g. Is this play? Why? Critically evaluate the place of play in a planned curriculum.)

You will need to reference your plan in the essay to illustrate your discussion.