Process essay

A process essay takes the reader through a series of events or actions which are expected top culminate in a given result. It is a common essay to students taking technical courses where they are required to explain various processes such as manufacturing process of a given product. The essay can be hard to write if you do not command a mastery of the concept you have been asked to talk about.

A process essay begins with a title that is descriptive enough. It should be very clear from the outset of the essay what the author intends to describe. The title is followed by some background information on the process so as to ensure that the reader and the author read from the same script. If there exists any appropriate materials that the reader can make further reference to then make sure that you have included them as well. Do not forget to explain any technical terms that will be appearing in the essay and then conclude the introduction by putting the whole idea into context so that the reader understands why the process is important in the first place.

The body of a process essay is nothing but the step by step guide of how the process is carried out. It goes without saying that the steps must be ordered in a logical manner and accompanied by an appropriate description. It would be better if you can dedicate each paragraph to a different procedure in the process.

The conclusion to the process essay carries the results of the process. The results ca either be tabulated or presented in any other way provided that it is easy for the reader to relate the results to the steps followed in arriving at them.

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