Response essay

As the name aptly suggests, it is an essay that is written as a response to a book, an article or any other literary piece done by another author. Students may be required to respond to work done by another author in order to provide a better understanding of what the author of the book was feeling when writing the book. You will be putting yourself in their shoes and trying to establish why they chose to write the book and particularly why they chose a given point of view in their writing.

It is also quite common for students to be asked to write a response essay concerning a movie that they might have watched. It is required that you express your own point of view concerning the movie while at the same time maintaining the theme in the movie.  If your point of view diverges from that of the movie writer, then it will be in your own interest and that of the reader that you explain the course of the disparities.

A response essay is not different from other essays with regard to the format. The introduction, body and conclusion still have to be done in that order. The slight difference could be the fact that a response essay is preferably written in first person.

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