Write 800-1000 words. Without making any reference to the film “The Matrix”, use the essay from Matrix and Philosophy entitled “Real Genre…” by Knight and McKnight to state and explicate, in a way that clarifies main ideas, how popular, contemporary works of science fiction are typically not pure or singular in genre, but are rather works of hybrid-form or so-called “mixed genre”. This part of the essay should be 350-400 words and demonstrate both relevance to the assignment and reading comprehension. Once this is complete, answer this next question: What are the second (not first) genres of “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan” and “Which Planet Are You From”, because of which both films are truly mixed genre films? For both films, show this by discussing elements such as statements, scenes and/or themes that demonstrate a second genre at work.
Source: “Real Genre and Virtual Philosophy by Deborah Knight and Goerge McKnight” from the book called “The Matrix and Philosophy edited by William Irwin”
Guidelines (points deducted for multiple violations of the following rules):

1. Papers typed and double-spaced with normal margins and 11 or 12 point font
2. Do not use a cover page or cover of any kind. Put your name, word-count, date, and paper title in the top left corner of the paper.
3. An essential preparatory step is to first reread (review) the relevant works before you start. With the questions in mind, mark relevant passages to include in your essays.
4. Answer the entire stated questions with the appropriate focus on the main issues.
5. Don’t be narrative driven or chronological in treating texts from beginning to end.
6. Use reviews and plot summaries from the internet as needed, but do cite sources correctly.
7. For citations, in-text references are sufficient. When quoting, use quotation marks
8. For in-text citation, page numbers go in parentheses after quotation marks, not within.
9. Take care of your sentences. Proofread and edit for grammar, flow, and coherence.
10. Use pronouns correctly. Avoid use of “this” and “that” if references are vague.
11. Don’t quote without explication and don’t exceed 20 words for any one quotation.
12. Use basic structure of introduction, body, and conclusion
13. Introduction should indicate knowledge of essay-specifics, not just vague generalizations