Course Work

Course Work
Text: The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology, 4th ed., by Kelly Ferris and Jill Stein.

Please use your own word answer the following questions, try to detailed your explanation, and if possible, please give some example

Chapter Discussion Questions #6 – Chapters 9, 10 & 12 (20 pts) due Sunday, December 6, by 11PM:
1. (Ch. 9) Interactionists argue that people learn their gender identities from everyday interactions and that the family is the primary source for gender socialization. Explain some of the ways that parents and siblings can teach gender. 5pts.
2. (Ch. 10) What is the “hidden curriculum?” What nonacademic functions does it fulfill? 5pts.
3. (Ch. 10) How do sociologists define religion? How is this different from a commonsense definition of religion? 5pts.
4. (Ch. 12) Compare and contrast the structural functionalist perspective of the family with the conflict perspective. 5pts.