Visual Poetry- Final Project UIW

u can select it

In this final assignment you will select a topic and make a series of images that either illustrates a story, poem, song, theme, or fairy tale. The subject should remain a mystery until we critique it. Your peers should be able to figure out what you are trying to accomplish in the images prior to your explanation.
Ideas include:
Illustrate a poem
Illustrate a personal mantra
Illustrate a dream
Illustrate a song
Illustrate a fairy tale
Photograph the seven deadly sins
Photograph the same place daily at the same time
Photograph the same place at different times of day
Photograph places where something significant has occurred
Create your own loteria
Illustrate the signs of the zodiac

You may wish to incorporate:
Diptychs or Triptychs
High contrast
Infrared look
Interesting Lighting techniques
Shooting from the hip
Multiple exposures
Anything you have not yet learned but wish to

Requirements for a grade:
An idea
70 images
7 Contact sheets
8 finished prints

Look at the work of
Trish Simonite
David Hilliard
Duane Michals
Jerry Uelsmann
Maggie Taylor
Barbara Kueger
Carrie Mae Weems
William Christenberry
Eric Johansson
William Wegman
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Robert and Shana Parke Harrison
Ray Metzker
Fredrick Sommer
Sandy Skoglund
Ralph Gibson
Michael Kenna
Keith Carter
Barbara Ess
Ken Gonzalez Day
Minor White Alec Soth Fredrick Sommer