Journal # 2

The journal should be written in narrative format, meaning it should be written like a story.

You should not list the questions and simply answer them

Here are the questions to be addressed in the journal:

1. In what ways has your view of leadership evolved so far as a result of taking this course?

2. What have you found to be most interesting in studying the various leadership styles?

3. What leadership style(s) would your leader need to use with you to bring out the best in you in the workplace? Situational Leadership Style

4. If you were to be placed into a new leadership role, which leadership style(s) would be most comfortable for you to use, and why?

Situational Leadership Style and/or Transformational Leadership
5. What prevents leaders from being the best they can be, and how can they overcome these obstacles?

You can write about more than that, but this is what I would like to see in the journal at a minimum.

The journals should be a minimum of three pages, should be in APA format, including scholarly citations and references.