DB Question


Below is a question that needs to be answered with 400–500 words showing great knowledge of the two required sources. Demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter by inserting substantive content. Also, present the logic, cogency, and evidence of your explanation(s) and argument(s).

St. Gregory offers one of the earliest attempts to give a theological explanation for the relationship of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to the Oneness of God as taught in the Old Testament. Gordon Fee, on the other hand, suggests that the Apostle Paul was less interested in theology than he was the practical implications of God as Trinity (see especially Fee, Ch 4). While both of these men (ancient and modern) affirm that the New Testament unequivocally teaches Trinitarianism, they approach the topic from two very different perspectives. How do you evaluate these two? Did you find one more helpful than the other? Explain. Would you say there is value in both? Explain.