Dissociative Identity Disorder Poem

A creative and thought provoking element to this class will include reflecting upon and writing about a specific mental illness in order to understand what it must be like for individuals who struggle with any of the specific disorders discussed in class. My goal is create a sense of “informed empathy.” That is, increasing your understanding of research and theory regrading psychiatric disorders and treatment, while developing a greater appreciation for the personal impact of these symptoms in the individuals who struggle. For this assignment, you will be required to compose a poem regarding the experience of a specific mental illness.
There is no required format, length, and topic, as these are left entirely up to your own choosing and discretion. You may choose to be concrete or abstract, serious or humorous, or personal or theoretical, and you may describe the experience using first- or third-person pronouns. The poems do not need to be in a rhyming format. Anything goes!
In terms of grading, you will be judged primarily on content, rather than format or poetic language. However, be mindful that you must have a very clear understanding about the experience of the mental illness that you choose.