Informal essay

An informal essay is a kind of essay that you write with a touch of personality. The ideas in the essay are meant to express the real you, which in essence means that it can loosely be described as an essay that you write for pleasure. The flexibility that comes with an informal essay makes it easy to put together ideas in the paper without being compelled to follow certain strict rules.

Nevertheless, informal essays still need to have a plan that will ensure the ideas in the paper are not just thrown about. A strong structure is also a desirable feature of an informal essay. What sets an informal essay apart from other essays is the fact that these kind of essays appeal to the reader in a way that is direct and conversational.

When you are set to start writing an informal essay you need to keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • The tone to be used has to be relaxed so as to easily draw the reader into the conversation. Bringing the reader into the story makes him enjoy it since he gets to identify with its contents at a personal level.
  • Remember that the essay is being written mainly for enjoyment so there is no need of being so up tight. Go easy on the descriptions and vocabulary.
  • Keep the paragraphs short in order to capture the attention of the reader. Long paragraphs are tiring to go through.
  • Keep in mind that informal essays can be informative or persuasive. Your personal opinions in the essay have to be adjusted in order to fit in any of these types.

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