History Essay

Instructions for Essay #1
On the following pages are two (2) essay questions. Choose one (1) question only, and write an
essay answering the question. In writing your essay, note the following instructions:
 Address every part of the question. Be sure to answer each part of the question in the prompt. It
may help to organize your essay using the parts of the prompt as a guide.
 Include a thesis statement. You are encouraged to introduce the main argument of your essay in
the first or second paragraph, so that your explanation of it is clear throughout.
 Think for yourself. Answer the questions with your own brainpower, in your own words. This is
NOT a research paper assignment!
***Do NOT visit the Library or the World Wide Web for additional resources. Everything you
need to answer the question is in the listed sources. Students who use outside sources risk
failing the assignment***
 Prove your point. Provide ample evidence to support your argument(s) by providing concrete
examples and illustrations from your reading. You do not need to use quotations, but your paper
should demonstrate a familiarity with the important arguments made by the documents.
 Avoid personal sentiments. Voice your view, but avoid using the first person and personal
sentiments such as “I feel that…” or “I believe that…” Your essay should make an academic
argument based on evidence, not opinion.
 Cite your sources. Be sure to make specific reference to and cite specific examples from your
reading as evidence to support your answer.
 Use your own words. Plagiarism is unacceptable. If you are confused about what constitutes
plagiarism, consult the library’s guide, or ask the instructor.
 Citations. You may use whatever format you like (MLA, APA, Chicago style) to cite your
sources, but you must make clear for your reader where your information (and not just direct
quotations) comes from.