Final Assignment

From previous assignments: Rhetorical Analysis (will upload), you identified different rhetorical devices and strategies employed by authors in 3 different types of sources – a journal article, an online source and a newspaper article. Using this assignment compose a new paragraph in the style of an actual non-academic publication of your choice. Use one of the non-academic publications that were selected in the Rhetorical Analysis assignment.
Your new paragraph will be based on the ideas in your paragraph for the paragraph composition and the paragraph revision assignment (will upload) and will incorporate the research used in those paragraphs.

-an outline of your new rhetorical situation and context
-The new paragraph
-a brief rhetorical analysis of the selected publication
-a brief discussion of your rhetorical decisions, in light of your new rhetorical situation and context (make comparisons to Paragraph composition/paragraph revision assignments where appropriate)
-Reflection from the point of view of yourself as an expert writer to your novice writer self by considering what you have learnt and how you have evolved as a writer.
-introduction, discussion and conclusion

When describing publication consider:
-tone and style etc