The paper is more like four essay questions. You don’t need an overarching thesis, no introduction, no bibliography. Use the citation format provided in the “Student Guide to Writing the Final Paper” that I will upload it to you. You answer each question separately and then move on. I stated in the Final Paper Assignment from the papers I will proved you “Take the authors and their works one by one and explain why they would respond one way or the other…” I don’t expect you to spend time on authors that aren’t relevant to your answer. If you want, you could begin each answer by saying something like “I think that humans are natural born killers and I will support my position by citing evidence from Bodley 1, Ehrenreich 2, 3 and Ferguson 1. The other articles are not relevant in this case.”

That way you have mentioned the works that are relevant and left aside those that aren’t, something like that. It’s just a suggestion.

A question came up about #4 “Are they more intense today than in the past?” The “they” being referred to are violent conflicts.

Some comments also revolved around the relationship of the questions. Questions 2, 3, and 4 are indeed related. Question 2 is asking for causes of conflicts; question 3 is asking if they are becoming more common; and question 4 is asking if they are becoming more intense, meaning more destructive and more deadly. Keep them separate in your answers, but be aware that the same sources may have things to say that relate to all three questions. I know you will figure it out.

RUBRIC (also to be found in the Final Paper materials module on Canvas)

Some of you have asked for more rubric-like guidelines to the final paper. I am expecting you to write at least a bit more than a page per question. You may of course write more or less than that on any given question, but it should all add up to 4-6 pages. Here is a rubric that if you follow it, you will do just fine on the paper:

Your answers to the questions are clear (Maximum 12 pts)
Your answers are based on evidence taken only from the 6 sources (max 12pts)
You cite from all of the sources that pertain to your answers to the questions (max 20 pts)
The sources of evidence are cited correctly (max 12 pts)
You provide your own position on the questions at the end (max 12 pts)
Your sentences are grammatical and you use correct spelling (max 12 pts)
Total = 80 points

So if you competently perform those six steps as you are writing your paper and checking it over, then you will get a good score. If you do just an adequate job, then you will receive fewer points. Leaving one of the criterion out will cost you more points, and so on.