Evaluation of fibre intake in 7 days food dairy related to recommendation

Evaluation of fibre intake in 7 days food dairy related to recommendation

– Aim and the purpose of study (….
– Method that used in this study (MyFitnessPal)
– Results achieved

1. Food intake definition,
2. Assessment of nutritional status for adults,
3. Recording the food intake methods,
4. Use of food composition table,
5. Measuring percentage energy intake from carbohydrate, protein and fat in daily food dairy.
6. The significant role of macronutrients, micronutrients, and fibre in healthy life.
7. BMI calculation by (K J).
8. The effects of individual use innovation in media to eat healthy (Mobil, computer APPs). And the advantages of use this programs or similar to control food intake and increase enthusiastic to watch daily food intake.
9. The important of balance diet for all groups of age
– The methods was used dietary records for 7-days from Saturday 28-10-2015 to Friday 7- 11-2015

– (Kerr et al. 2013) pointed out that there are a variety of computer programs control dairy intake food composition databases and today are available for all.

– In this study the app MyFitnessPal, used for measuring the one-week food intake, and the description of the program (need to explain in this part from myFitnessPal website).

– The characterisation of the woman how did this study, the calculation of energy/(kj), Carbohydras/g, Protein/g, Fat/g, fibre/g. (for the woman who did the study according to her description belw).

Sex Female
Age 40
Highest/weight 152 cm / 66kg
Activity levels Medium active
BMI 28.6kg/m2 (over weight)

The nutrients in this study were analysed by using a computer program, which called (MY Fitness Pal) so that each food in the same quantities were entered into the program to analyse them.
Results and dissection (data will be submitted as attachment)
– The calculation of each nutrientparts in food recording in every day tables.
– Table of the total of the energy fro every day, and the average of thewhale week(Attached)

Days Kilojoules/
Day Carbs/g Fat/g Protein/g Iron/g Fibre/g
Saturday -31/October 6991 250 44 59 89 29
Sunday-1/ November 7193 179 73 75 49 23
Monday- 2/November 7363 196 60 121 30 11
Tuesday- 3 November 7299 246 49 76 57 19
Wednesday – 4 November 7804 251 50 82 88 23
Thursday- 5/ November 6991 179 64 52 13 16
Friday- 6/ November 7247 204 60 79 79 13
The average daily
Energy value of food/KJ
Total: 100%

– Comparing of the energy has taken from each nutrient and compared with world health organisation (WHO) or (FDA) recommendation (use the latest data)
– Why are brown breads and brown rise, semi-skimmed, has taken and many healthy habits has fallowed in this study?
– High fibre foods have significant taken why?
– What the benefits of fibre to health(lower blood sugar, prevent colon cancer, absorption of cholesterol)
– This study has observed……
– There are many ways to get more fibre to the daily food intake
– International recommendations has changed depending to