Solution-Focused Risk Assessment”: A Proposal for the Fusion of Environmental Analysis and Action

The ‘points for focus’ suggestions are illustrative rather than mandatory. Consider how they might help you–but also try to be inventive and raise your own issues!
This document give advice or make proposals for improved practice. Your objective is to understand the advice and any reasons given for it, and critically analyse the value of that advice.
Dissertations are not normally based on proposals for practice, but they can include proposals for practice if those ideas are then tested in some way. For example, you might have an idea for a better way to ask people for a particularly type of estimate, and you could test that by getting people to make those estimates in your suggested way and in other ways

Read the journal“Solution-Focused Risk Assessment”: A Proposal
for the Fusion of Environmental Analysis and Action
Summarise the paper.
– Which particular process and country is Finkel focusing on?
– What are the main problems that Finkel sees with the existing approach?
– What were the main reasons that things are done the way they currently are?
– What is he proposing instead and how exactly would things be different, according to Finkel?
– What does his aeroplane pain example show?

Critically analyse the paper.
– Are there any significant mistakes his Finkel’s reasoning?
– Where would his SFRA be at its most advantageous compared to the current approach?
– Where would it be least suitable?
– What, if anything, is new about Finkel’s proposals?

Hint: Keep in mind that Finkel is talking about EPA decisions specifically, not all of risk management.