Globalisation 2

d you This subject is About “learning and change” and the task was online discussion group.

But this time is Individual written summary.
you already did the first part. so, I want you to paraphrase and complete this part for the Individual written summary:.

*- Then The lecturer asked to choose a dimension of learning from the 8 dimensions in Kalantzis and Cope’s (2012).and I choose: The tools of learning

So, you must take into account that:

A – Ensure you understand definitions, scope, significance from the author’s perspective and whether or not you agree with their assumptions and arguments and why or why not.

B – Analyse the impact a future globalisation could have on the tools that are used for learning – are they all technology-enabled? Is this beneficial to the majority of the ways learners learn? Why or why not? What issues could arise for teachers or educators using these kinds of tools?
Generally, After reading the article and summary of 8 dimensions in attachments,
I need you to write 900 words (paraphrase and complete the 1st part) about the globalisation through a dimension of learning: the learning tools.

Then write 200 words about the globalisation through another dimension of learning
which is a dimension of Social significance of education in Kalantzis and Cope’s (2012).

The references must be only from All the 6th Readings in attachment,
Especially from Kalantzis and

please find in attachments:
1- 1st part
2- Readings file, includes summary of 8 dimension
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